5 Ideas for Starting Your New Business with a New Pet in Tow

By Susan Peterson (www.Easytolovepets.com)

(image by Pexels)

If you've ever welcomed a new pet into your life, you understand that young animals can behave much like human babies: They cry, they need frequent feedings, and they're not yet potty-trained. Regardless of whether the pet is a puppy or an older stray cat, you'll have to take its needs into account as you start your new business. Consider the following tips to make the transition smoother for you both.

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1.  Finish Your Business Paperwork Before the Adoption

It's easy to forget necessary details such as designating job tasks, finding freelancers to finish your website, and setting up a business structure before you bring home your pet. Consider filing online with a limited liability company formation service to avoid lawyer fees, gain several tax advantages, and skip physical paperwork. Setting up an LLC usually takes five steps, but make sure you check on the LLC rules and regulations as each state is slightly different.

2.  Track Your Pet's Feedings With an App

In the hectic days of starting a new venture, you may forget to eat breakfast or get regular sleep. Don't let yourself neglect your new pet! Stay on top of feedings by downloading a pet tracking app until you get used to the new schedule.

3.  Use Alarms to Develop a Daily Routine

When you're working out a daily routine, consider setting alarms on your phone (or on a trusted clock) to help you remember to do certain things for your pet. For example, if you get a puppy, you may set one alarm for a morning walk, another three or four times a day for meals, and one more to remind you to take the puppy outside for bathroom breaks at regular intervals.

4.  Hire a Trusted Sitter

According to The Conversation, entrepreneurs have exciting jobs, but they are often stressed and overscheduled because they're wearing so many hats. You may be designing your own website at the same time you're calling clients and placing their orders, and there's a good chance you either don't have the help you need yet or you have trouble asking for it.

Instead of boarding your animal (who is likely already feeling nervous as it adjusts to living in a new place), invest in a pet sitter or dog walker to interact with your pet at least once a day if your job takes you far from home. Make sure the sitter is licensed and has experience working with the type of pet you have before giving the responsibility to just anybody.

5.  Create a Cozy Corner Near Your Workspace

Finally, allow your pet to relax near you when you work. Simply crating a young dog or expecting a cat to stay in one room all day may work in the beginning, but pretty soon, your animal friend will feel restless and will probably want to play with you — or at least see you. Keep your pet occupied and happy by providing a comfortable place to rest, age-appropriate toys, and meals on a regular schedule.

You may choose to put off your pet adoption until a more suitable time — or you might welcome having an animal companion through the startup process. Remember to take care of both your pet's and business’s needs and get ready to enjoy many years with your new friend!


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