Our Story

Our Story

PetDigz was founded and created by Deb Michalik and Tom Clark, well, really on the insistence of Deb to the point that Tom gave in and agreed. We have three rescue cats, Sabrina, Bob & Arthur. Keeping their beds clean was a challenge and that’s what inspired the creation of PetDigz, pet bed sheets for dogs and cats.

Animals make us smile (hence, the smiley face in our logo)….their unconditional love and positive attitude, no matter the circumstances, resonates with our daily life. The most peace is found when our animals are close by…they are just the coolest beings.

Our love for our fur kids spilled over into our obsession for keeping them comfortable with a nice cushy bed and a fun pattern that was clean and fresh smelling while keeping our lives just a tiny bit less complicated and stress free…our goal in life.

A good friend gave us this plaque and it is our mantra…everything, well almost everything, we do is for our fur kids. We love them and are always looking for ways to make their lives just a little nicer, more comfortable and yes, we do spoil them.

Why PetDigz?

Cats…and dogs, like to take naps so our fur kids always had a bed, or two, or three to choose from. Since they are big shedders we found ourselves vacuuming their beds all the time and then washing the beds until they fell apart, which wasn’t long. Many times their fur would get lodged into the bed fabric and even with vacuuming and washing, the fur would not totally come off of their beds making them look dirty. We knew there had to be a better way.

We experimented with different types of fabrics, styles and sizes, and after consulting our research team (comprised of Sabrina, Tina, Belle and their friends), PetDigz partnered with a local production company who worked hard to come up with a design to fit multiple pet bed sizes and shapes. PetDigz pet bed sheets offer:

  • Elastic bottoms that help keep the sheet in place
  • Double stitched seams so no little threads are left for the chewers
  • 100% cotton makes the sheets soft and cozy for your fur kid and easy to wash/dry for pet parents
  • Our pet bed sheets are durable, keeping their fresh cotton look and feel wash after wash
  • The fun patterns add a splash of color to your pet’s bed or choose one that fits their personality
  • Our sheets are proudly made in the USA

The round pet bed sheet was designed to have a little bit of room to tuck the sheet in the side making for a nice pillow so dogs….and cats…can dig and dig and dig to make the bed their own.

The rectangle/crate pet bed sheet fits nicely on rectangle or crate beds with rolled sides as well as bolster-type beds. The rectangle sheet, like the round sheet, was designed to have a little extra room to tuck the sheet in on the sides so dogs…and cats…can dig and dig and dig and make the bed their own.

The flat pet bed sheet was designed to fit the typical orthopedic/memory foam type pet beds and also fits nicely on the standard mats included with the airline-approved carriers.

One of the main reasons for creating PetDigz was to make a difference and to give back to the animal rescue community. We are excited to start contributing a portion of each sale to their cause.

We take pride in our products and we do our best for our fur kids and want the same for your fur kids.

Meet our family

Sabrina, with her soft, fine black fur and white spots on her chest and one toe, is by far the biggest shedder. She is a tiny kid with lots of personality. She will paw at you when it’s feeding time and if you’re lucky, will let you pet her especially if she is being brushed. She has a crooked tail that makes her unique and although she is small, she is the ruler of the roost. Her fine black fur would make her beds look dirty very quickly. Sabrina and Tina are rescue cats that were adopted on the same day and share a special bond.

Tina is on the shy side and a classic Calico. She can be quiet and shy one minute and then running through the house like a crazy cat the next minute. She loves to watch the birds and lizards and would spend all day on the "catio" if she could. She does not, however, like having her picture taken as you can see by the look in her eyes. She is also a big shedder so between her and Sabrina, their beds were constantly being washed.

Lenny, our cuddly blind boy, was such a sweet kid. He loved to be brushed and would drool and purr loudly during his brushing. He loved to hide behind a door and wait for either Sabrina or Tina to cross his path and then he would jump out and chase them, staying low to the ground like the stealth hunter he was. He, like Sabrina, was a big shedder and his fur would get stuck in the beds making it tough to vacuum up his fur in trying to keep his beds clean

Belle, looking spiffy with her fresh haircut, is a sweetheart. She is very cute and very smart and loves to play fetch with her toys but is always on the lookout for Sabrina who has been known to take a swat or two at her if Belle comes too close to Sabrina’s “babies”. She loves to go on long walks and meet other fur kids in the neighborhood…only if they are her size or smaller. Belle is not particular about which bed suits her…sometimes she likes to wrap herself into a small ball and snuggle in a tight round bed while other times she prefers to stretch out on a flat, memory foam type bed. She does like to bring her toys in bed with her probably to be sure that no one will steal them.

Both Sabrina and Tina spend a majority of their day on our lanai on the lookout for birds, lizards, squirrels or anything that moves. During their younger years, they did not have much access to the outside so they just love having a nice, secure, outdoor playground. In fact, we bought them these very nice cots so they would not have lay on the hot, rough concrete, however, they were not fans of the fabric and were not using them. So….we put their beds on top of the cots (with a PetDigz pet bed sheet, of course)...I know, sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it…and now they spend almost their entire day outside on their beds on top of the cots.