Happy Tails

Pets love our bed sheets/covers.  Here are just a few happy tail comments. Enjoy!

 "I have two covers and a pup that loves to pull the stuffing out of the bed. The bed covers wash well and protects the bed from my chewer, she digs as hard as she can but cannot get the bed cover off to chew on the bed. I recommend this product."   Katie G., Jack & Reilly 

     Rectangle dog bed cover with dog bones    Reilly tries to get pet bed cover off with no success

"Gracie has been destroying all of her pet beds! I got one of PetDigz bed sheets for her bed and she has not bothered it at all. She actually spends more time in her crate."    Renee B. and Gracie


 "Love my PetDigz sheet! My baby's bed is like new! No stains, dog fur or snack crumbs! I wouldn't sleep without a sheet, why should he!  Judy R. and Brinkley