Paw Prints

Paw Prints features some of the humble, but very photogenic, fur kids that are on our website. If you would like your fur kid to join our Paw Print page, simply send us a picture of them with their new PetDigz pet bed sheet. 

Lola finds peace and tranquility in her bed. She is in training now so her days are spent perfecting basic tasks (for treats, of course), chasing her sister around the house and playing with her human family. When it's time to unwind and relax, her bed is the place she loves the best. 



Boo getting ready for a morning stroll. He absolutely loves PetDigz! He has all their cool prints! The Medium Flat sheet fits perfectly on his stroller pad.







Afternoon snooze for Belle in her Medium Flat Paw Print pet bed sheet.























Ollie, one of the resident cats at Best Friends Animal Hospital (Sarasota, FL), enjoying some quiet time with her new pet bed sheet after greeting clients all day.






A big bed for a little cat but Mittens doesn't mind. She has been known to stretch out or curl up into a little ball in her Large Flat Black Fishbone pet bed sheet.


In the middle of a photo shoot, Tina quietly and discreetly crawled into her bed and pretended to be asleep.







After a long day of playing, running errands and visiting the groomer, Leo can be found snuggled up in his bed to rest his weary bones.