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Flat - Brown Fish Bones

Flat - Brown Fish Bones

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The Brown Fish Bones pet bed sheet is a favorite standby to the classic black fish bone pattern and is enjoyed by cats, but dogs love it too.

The flat pet bed sheets are designed to fit the typical orthopedic/memory foam type pet beds. 

The full elastic bottom helps to keep the sheet in place even with the biggest diggers. Seams are all double stitched so no little threads are left for the chewers.

The 100% cotton fabric makes this pet bed sheet soft and comfy for your fur kid and easy to wash/dry for you. Small stains from food, toys, pet hair and dander wash away easily.

Made in the USA. 

  • Small Flat fits beds measuring approximately (works nicely on the standard mats included with airline approved carriers) :
    • 17" X 10" 
    • 17" X 14"
    • 18" X 14"
  • Medium Flat Brown Fish Bones pattern is currently out of stock.
  • Large Flat fits beds measuring approximately:
    • 26" X 21"
    • 29" X 23"
    • 30" X 19"
    • 30" X 24.5"
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